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Diabetes Information for Schools
The School Pack




The school pack is designed to assist teachers and staff in schools to understand type 1 diabetes and how to manage the student with diabetes in the school setting.It contains the following:

School Pack FlipchartFlipchart
The flip chart is a comprehensive booklet including specific issues surrounding the management of diabetes such as: hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose level - BGL), food, exercise, exams and high BGLS. It is designed to be handy and easy to read in a colourful flip chart. (pdf)

Diabetes Emergency Information Poster
This colourful poster is a step to step guide for treatment of hypoglycaemia or hypo.
Schools are advised to display this in their staff room next to the Medical Alert Sheet so that all staff know what to do in an emergency situation. (pdf)

Duty of Care Information
This explains concisely what is expected of teachers in schools regarding their duty of care to the student with diabetes. Schools are advised to place this in their policy and procedure manual. (pdf)

Note for Parents
The note for parents includes common myths about diabetes and gives some guidance as to how you can approach the school staff regarding management of your child. (pdf)

Management Plan
The management plan provides an outline of how the child with diabetes should be managed at school and can be tailored to each child’s needs in discussion with both you and your child’s teacher(s). (pdf)

Medical Alert
The medical alert sheet provides information to be completed by you and your child’s teacher. It contains space for a photograph of your child and contact details in case of emergency. Schools are advised to place a copy of this sheet in the register in the child’s classroom so that all staff are aware of the child with diabetes in the class. (pdf)
Careline Card
Schools Careline Card
This card advertises a service conducted by Australian Diabetes Council for parents, teachers and students to access a paediatric diabetes educator regarding issues surrounding diabetes in the school setting. Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Emergency Card
This card is an extra form of identification for the child with diabetes advising the reader of what to do in an emergency situation. All children and adolescents with diabetes are advised to wear some form of identification that they have diabetes.

Fact Sheets for Support Persons
A series of fact sheets:
• What is type 1 diabetes? (PDF)
• What is hypoglycaemia? (PDF)
• Physical Activity and type 1 Diabetes (PDF)